the garden oracle

I’m planting myself in the garden
believe me

— Bill Fay, Garden Song

Links to the flowers:
Lady’s Smock

My artist friend Alexandra has been painting flowers! And – as synchronicity would have it – I’ve been writing about them: researching the folkloric, medicinal, and culinary uses for some local blogging projects; and making deeper, more meditative connections in my personal life.

flower oracle
Immediate reaction: “this would make a lovely oracle deck!” – so I tweeted her to say so.

Our combined efforts have become the seeds of a project to create our very own oracle.

We tend to look for magic far away, in remnants of ancient civilisations, in remote or inaccessible cultures, and in the occult writings of mystics and visionaries. Sometimes the journey is a necessary part of the magic. But sometimes we forget to see the very real power and enchantment all around us.

These are all flowers you can find in windowboxes and public parks, in local woodland, and even in your own back yard. And they are full of magic and inspiration.
Over the next few weeks I will add posts to this page, as Ali paints each flower and I interpret its message for the oracle. So far it’s been brilliant fun – finding flowers in my local landscape, sitting with them in meditation, listening to intuition, and writing it all up in some kind of coherent form.
We hope you find growing inspiration here.