Druidry is one of many threads that form the fabric of my life; the “golden thread,” if you like. It’s one of the threads I follow on this blog, sometimes unpicking, sometimes elaborating.

As an inititated Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid Order, I have made a commitment to honour and celebrate the sacred landscape of this island, and to carry the inspiration of its lessons with me in everything I do. The Druid Network has been my most enduring source of inspiration and learning on this path, and their website is always the first resource I would recommend to anybody interested in contemporary druidry.  I am also in the very loosest of affiliations with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and confess a love of the rich liturgy of translated Celtic literature they have collected.

My earliest encounter with druidry was decidedly non-pagan, but no less magical for that, though I have all but given up hope of recovering my mamiaith to the point of being a cultural, as well as a pagan, druid.

For nearly 5 years I have kept an occasional blog on my druidic thoughts and activities at https://incidentaldruidry.wordpress.com/; from the summer solstice of 2017  – the 10th anniversary of my commitment to this path – I am beginning to integrate this part of my life into my everyday blog here at the nettle patch.

If you ever want to discuss modern British Druidry as a spiritual practice, or ask any questions about what I do, feel free to get in touch.