I’ve practised divination, in one form or another, since before I even knew there was a word for it. At its simplest, it just involves sitting with a question or a situation, and holding space for answers and insights to emerge. It can be as uncomplicated as watching the world go by, or as arduous as journeying in meditation to find insights in otherworlds. All that really matters is your state of mind.

This blog brings together some of the insights I collect along the way, if they are suitable for sharing – particularly when it comes to tarot.

Tarot offers more of a community, more of a conversation, than other forms of divination – and the more people who take part in this conversation, the more shades of meaning it develops as a system. I love it. After almost a decade of dabbling, discovering the alternative tarot network with their grounded-yet-magical approach persuaded me to take the plunge and start learning in earnest, and I haven’t looked back.

I practice other forms of divination too: the Annwfn oracle, based on the symbolism of Preiddeu Annwfn; ogham; I Ching; and this year I have started learning the new divinatory language of Lenormand courtesy of a beautiful new deck of cards.

If you would like a reading, of any kind, please get in touch to start a conversation. My divination is focused on insight, empowerment, and inspiration, with the ethics to match: readings are completely confidential, and I only read for others with their full consent. I don’t charge, at present; that may change, depending on how busy or how broke I get; for now, divination is a service I offer freely, with love and reverence.

I don’t predict the future, because it doesn’t exist yet: we create it.
Divination is a tool we can use to create it consciously and with full intent.