It’s been a long while since I posted here – the main reason being that I had something I really wanted to write about archives, and have resurrected an older ‘everything’ blog for that purpose, here: https://dihangydd.wordpress.com/

That is where my posts will live for now. It’s part of an ongoing project to gradually gather all of my fragmented interests into one space, or at least to see if that is possible. I may post more divination-focused writing here (I have one in particular in the works, about a divinatory journey with the ogham to the Bridestones). But, for now, if you fancy keeping up with what I’m up to, that is the place to look.

I’m also sharing my reflections on the 28 day ‘me and white supremacy’ challenge on that blog. It makes for ugly, uncomfortable reading – but (and this is important) it’s not self-flagellation; it’s raw, authentic honesty, the kind that facilitates learning, and without which learning is superficial at best. Feel free to respond in the comments, but be warned that I will moderate the comments on that post quite heavily.

See you there or elsewhere!

A Beautiful Resistance: The Crossing — Signposts in the Mist

Thing I’ve written elsewhere while I’ve not been writing here…

Originally posted on GODS & RADICALS: We have started rebuilding from the ruins. We are the children you never knew you would have. We do not see you but we keep on building the future you made your crossing for. Gods&Radicals is pleased to announce that the fourth issue of our journal, A Beautiful Resistance,…

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by the light of the moon

Ten years ago I was living in a small flat by the sea, facing east. One of my most cherished memories from that time was the ‘path’ made by the moonlight reflected in the water – ripples of light leading to a smooth pool of silver on the far horizon. I knew it was an illusion, and that the silver pool could never really be reached, but that didn’t stop me wanting to jump in a boat and set out to try.

The Moon – Anna K Tarot

The Moon card in the Anna K Tarot captures this feeling perfectly. As soon as I saw the artwork for this card, I fell in love (as I did with The Star and The Sun – all cards I can struggle to connect with in other decks).

Recently, The Moon has been appearing in pretty much all my readings – when it’s not in the spread, it will usually be the extra card I draw for clarification.

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