out of the woods: a tarot spread for a friend

Subtitled – sorry for the swears – emerging from a shitty situation.

It’s happening a lot this year: friends getting in touch to tell me they’re ok, but that they’re just beginning to realise they haven’t been ok for quite a while.  And while I was thinking about how I could help, this spread just popped into my head, almost fully-formed.

When things stop being shitty, there’s sometimes a slight pause in life while you pat yourself down and check that you’re really really ok. Looking back at where you’ve come from can be hard.

But you’re out of the woods. So what comes next?

I created this spread to acknowledge that people who have just realised how shitty their situation has been can waver in trusting their intuition, and might not feel able to see a clear path ahead just yet.

It goes a little bit like this…


  1. You, right now
  2. Something which helps
  3. Something which hinders
  4. Something which obscures
  5. Something which illuminates
  6. One truth
  7. One lie
  8. The path ahead

I gave a reading in this spread for the friend who inspired its creation, and it fit the situation perfectly.

The ‘truth’ and ‘lie’ cards were a way of acknowledging the false beliefs we pick up from not realising that we’re stuck in a shitty situation, and challenging them. In my friend’s case, the need for light-heartedness, creativity, friendship and fun was a thread running through the whole reading, and her false belief – ‘one lie’ – manifested as the idea that nothing was worth trying unless she knew it would be a success.

The ‘something which illuminates’ card I envisaged as a kind of north star, or the sun burning through the fog – a distant but present inspiration to draw upon throughout the journey – and I hope it still inspires her.

hanson roberts
Hanson Roberts Tarot

If you decide to give this spread a go, I’d love to hear how you get on!

And may your awareness always recognise a shitty situation.

x /|\ x

Author: angharadlois

"I'm only interested in everything."

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