waning moon reflections: “there are no seven cups”

I thought I needed to choose. That’s what this card is about, right? Seeing through the fog. […] But in addition to decisions or disillusionment, this card is about matters of the spirit. To be nourished, we must descend the muck. Explore the corners of ourselves where the dark deities are, with their conditions and judgment, where our unworthiness lives.

Siobhan Rene, writing for Little Red Tarot

Seven of Cups and Strange Dreams, Sushila Burgess

Last night I drew the Seven of Cups again. It seems to be a talisman for this moment in my life, when everything is up in the air and there is no telling how – or where, or when – it will fall, when it all comes back down to earth again.

But that’s not quite true, is it?

Somewhere, in the murky depths of my mind and memory, the knowledge is there, waiting to be found. The trick – the challenge – is to find it.

Siobhan Rene, in her Face Up Tarot column, gives a practical perspective on the lessons of this card. Too much choice is overwhelming. Before delving into the deep lessons of the metaphysical, some practical self-care is needed: a bit of structure, to limit the constant mundane choices sapping mental energy each day.

This process starts with knowing your values. Not things you want but ways of being that you find life-affirming and that are important. Pick the day to day activities that support these values and limit everything else.

Those words were exactly what I needed to read last night. Instead of obsessing over what how and what I should choose, I am beginning to understand that my entire concept of choice – and my ability to see choices – is constructed by the way I live my life.

The suit of Cups represents water: the element most associated with receptiveness, emotion, intuition, and – yes – illusion. But the Cups themselves remind us that this watery tendency towards dissolving into oneness with everyone and everything is held, contained, and given shape by the structures of our life in this world.

Over the next week of the waning moon, I will be working on these structures. Once they are safely in place, that will be the time to look deeper, to delve into the intuitive wisdom held within.

The Seven of Cups shows us the illusion of the surface: seven visions, seven choices confronting the onlooker. When I first drew this card, I was so caught up in the illusion that I tried listing an option for each cup. And although this might not be a bad approach initially, in the long run the choice will not be made by looking at the visions offered by these cups, but by looking within: seeing past the illusions and desires, understanding what is truly offered, and knowing what is truly needed.




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