new moon cards: roses in June

On the night of the new moon, I was stuck on a tram replacement bus service – the tram itself a replacement for a train – making my slow way home. After midnight when I got back home, exhausted and in no fit state to do a full dark moon spread, I drew three cards:

Waxing moon: Page of Wands

Full moon: 7 of Wands

Waning moon: 7 of Cups

new moon cards

This a month for projects and choices, and for generally figuring things out. The lack of Major cards doesn’t surprise me: things are ticking along, and the ups and downs are just bumps in the road compared with the upheavals of the spring. But look at those sevens… a change is gonna come.

The Page of Wands sums up my sense of where I’ve got to: creative projects bubbling away, a sense of optimism, and more energy than I have felt in years. Over the next few weeks I plan to continue exploring in the hills, meditating with the flowers, writing and gardening – actually, in writing all that, I can’t help feeling a bit like the page in the Smith-Waite card, “talking out loud of his dreams and desires.”

This willingness to forge on and get involved with different ventures is very likely what will lead me to the conflict depicted in the 7 of Wands. I see this as a card of standing your ground: the kind of conflict that comes from standing up for your beliefs. And this moon, I suspect politics will be involved… I have already joined campaigns to save the local art therapy service, and to keep a local college in community hands, and those campaigns may well need to step up in the aftermath of the election – which, coincidentally, takes place the day before the full moon.

And then comes the 7 of Cups, a card which always makes me feel a little wary. My Piscean moon makes me a daydreamer – and, combined with my Ariean sun, often sends me off full-tilt on flights of fancy which go precisely nowhere. Having wandered off one avenue into the future, I am now in a place of wide open possibility, and narrowing down again can be difficult. When I first left my job and decided to seek new opportunities, I spent most of my time freaking out about my lack of direction and trying to find the next Thing To Do. Over the past few months, the readings I have done for myself all said: wait. Don’t rush into decisions. Give yourself time. This card, I suspect, tells me that choices are coming my way, and warns me to approach them with my feet on the ground.

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