dark moon reflections: May

Each moon in Perennial Druidry ends with a reflection:

In the last few days of the moontide, when the moon is dark, consider what you have achieved through the cycle. What have you learned, changed, understood, and given in exchange?

In answering these questions, I felt inspired to revisit my moontide reading for May and reflect on how its lessons manifested through the month.

In spite of the red flag of the Prince of Swords reversed, I made a hasty and badly-thought-through business investment, which backfired almost immediately. Oh well. Today I found out that I will get a refund, and everything is back to normal, more or less. I was lucky, and I learned my lesson.

This month has also transformed my interpretation of the 10 of Cups in this spread. This is traditionally a card of emotional fulfilment, depicted in the Druidcraft deck as a harmonious scene from family life. I saw the card and thought: ok, domesticity. But it is so much more than that.

For me, this month, the 10 of Cups was the emotional process of making this place our home: the waters of emotion needed to nourish the physical roots we have set down here.  I have made new friends, got involved in community gardening, and started to walk the pathways of our local landscape. In Kurt Vonnegut’s words, I am finding my karass here, a community of connected feeling and purpose – and since, as a druid, my community extends beyond my human relationships, getting to know the landscape all around our home has enriched my experience of living here more than I can say.

Following the lessons of The Hermit has also prompted me to rekindle my meditative practices. I have been meditating almost every day this moon: sometimes simply sitting mindfully, sometimes going deeper. And I have learned to be more confident in my path and practices, beginning to understand that light in the lamp and how I can use it to help others along the way.

How has this moon been for you?

Author: angharadlois

"I'm only interested in everything."

One thought on “dark moon reflections: May”

  1. I like the sense of the word karass – a community of connected feeling and purpose – it’s something I’ve sought for a while and found pockets of but still, although I love the land where I live, I’ve never really felt like a I fit in amongst the human communities. Whether it’s the place or just me and I just have to accept I’m a bit of an odd ball who won’t fit in anywhere I don’t know!

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