for Amber


She was the littlest and grouchiest of all the cats, for the 14 years she shared my parents’ home; a figure of some loving ridicule. If the other cats were in one room, she would be in another – so she often ended up in my bed, curled up in the crook of my arm, yowling at me every time I shifted position in the night, or purring and kneading my arm with sharp claws. I wish now that I had been more patient with her.

On Friday night, while I was visiting my parents on the way down to a wedding, she jumped onto my lap and started happily kneading away, shedding cream and apricot hairs all over my dark clothes. I moved her off my lap a few times while I massaged the life back into my knees. Another cat, Jasper, was showing signs of kidney failure, and I was anxious to spend what little time I had with him.

By Sunday night, she was visibly thinner, and listless. My parents took her to the vet first thing on Monday morning, and then drove me to the station.

She didn’t get better.

This is my goodbye to her, the beautiful, grumpy old lady cat that she was.
I am so glad I got to see her one last time.

Author: angharadlois

"I'm only interested in everything."

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