new moon reading: in the merry month of May

new moon in Taurus

The first days of the new moon feel like a good time to pause and take stock. A lot has happened in the past 28 days. I left a full time, permanent job and possibly a career, in search of a better way of life closer to home. Right now, I am looking ahead, to what might develop as the moon waxes and wanes through its next lunar cycle.

This reading is based on the dark moon spread from the ever-inspirational Little Red Tarot blog (check it out!), with the questions and placements slightly tweaked for my own purposes:

1. Things to let go
2. Things to keep
3. Things yet to come

4. Me, at this moment

5. What to give
6. What to receive
7. What to learn                                                                                

new moon
candlelight: lovely for readings, less good for photographs

First thoughts… this is the moon in which all the changes I have made will take hold. Looking at these cards, I can really feel it. The mix of reversals in this spread feels like everything is whirling, like a snowglobe, still unsettled. But, like a snowglobe, there are some fixed points, leading the way to the concluding card: The Hermit. The cards speak of finding my own path in spite of challenges along the way, and the importance of letting myself be supported and nurtured.

1. Things to let go of: Princess of Cups.
A beautiful but inward-looking card: in the Druidcraft deck, she stands barefoot by a lake with her eyes closed. It is time to open my eyes again, and venture outwards. Tempting though it is to stay in this cocoon, I have healed from my depression, and some of the habits that helped me heal should come to a natural end now.

2. Things to keep: 4 of Wands (reversed).
Delay in my work – a time of uncertainty, transition, unsettledness. I get the feeling that this card, in this position, carries a message of embracing and enjoying this period of change, and the personal freedom it is giving me. This moon is not a time to rush its resolution. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, in the companion to this deck, suggest taking some time to think about all I have achieved so far – which prompts me to confront my strange reluctance to do this. Too often, I walk away from jobs feeling guilty, and make up for it by throwing myself into the new; perhaps it is time to embrace the past and learn to value the relationships and skills that past experiences have brought me. They might map the way ahead.

3. Things yet to come: 3 of Swords.
Ouch. Well, nobody said it was going to be easy… Part of finding my feet here involves establishing relationships, and all relationships involve an element of conflict – especially while they are forming or evolving and settling. My challenge is to remember how much of the pain of conflict comes from my thoughts, and that the choice to learn is always there, if I accept it.

4. Me, at this moment: Prince of Swords (reversed).
Charging ahead with my grand plans for blogging, building a business, learning something (though I keep changing my mind about what)… and very little sense of where I’m going. Time to rein it all in. Now is not the moment to enrol on another course, and I need to watch how much I volunteer for with all this “free time” I seem to think I have. Biddy Tarot talks about the Knight of Swords reversed as a symbol of “[going] it alone in order to build up valuable life experience and maturity” – which speaks strongly to The Hermit in this reading. This card reminds me I won’t always get it right, but I can learn.

5. What to give: Queen of Cups (reversed).
This is a strange one. All the traditional interpretations of the reversed Queen of Cups seem to point to an emotional imbalance, mood swings, overindulgence in fantasy or wine… is this what I have to give?!
To me, the reversal here feels more like a restraint, a warning against giving too much of my emotional energy to others just yet. The Queen sits opposite the Princess here, drawing me out of my inward-focused healing, but putting out a gentle hand to warn me against throwing myself into outward-focused giving. The cards warn of burnout; as someone who has not long recovered from depression, I need to make sure my own cup is full before I fill the cups of others.  Caring for myself is a way of caring for my loved ones.

6. What to receive: 10 of Cups.
A nourishing home. How wonderfully Taurean. This card speaks to the 4 of Wands and its message of embracing this uncertain time; home is where I should embrace it. One of my aims in leaving my last job was finally getting to grips with good home life: decorating, putting down roots, growing seedlings, cooking nourishing meals… My uncertain situation gives me time to realise this – provided my crazy Prince of Swords planning doesn’t trip me up with overcommitment. Oh – and I should allow myself to enjoy it, instead of wallowing in guilt about not earning a ‘proper’ salary just now.

7. What to learn: The Hermit.
This is the month I learn to walk my own path, and find my own way ahead. Since I have willingly given up a clear career path, I owe it to myself to find what is calling to my soul, and follow it. Interestingly, just before this reading, I renewed my membership to The Druid Network, feeling the need to re-engage with the lessons of Perennial Druidry. I get the feeling that cultivating my spiritual practice will be essential to navigating the steep road that leads me to The Hermit’s light.

These cards remind me that uncertainty is what I asked for, when I decided to make space in my life for new opportunities. Instead of throwing myself into any & every opportunity that comes my way, this moon is a time to be discerning – to find my own direction, instead of following others. And the best way to do this is to care for my newly-healed emotional self, to put down roots and find nourishment in our new home, and to look for inspiration in my past achievements.

And remember to enjoy the blossoms, of course.

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6 thoughts on “new moon reading: in the merry month of May”

  1. Interesting your cards led to the hermit for your monthly reading. A while back I got the Hooded Man as the outcome card on a reading where I asked both how to keep my focus on the work in hand and for an inkling of what’s next. A number of things such as my inability to deal with the noise of social media, thus leaving FB and Twitter forever (seriously for the good of my health!) and reading Sara Maitland’s wonderful ‘The Book of Silence’ have led me to ponder the nature of retreat. I’ve even been looking quite jealousy at the lives of nuns – I’d love a life of prayer, study, gardening, a bit of work in the community, being surrounded by religiously-minded people, as well as the security of a home for life – and feeling a bit bitter that such opportunities aren’t available for pagans. Or any help whatsoever for folks who experience a religious calling. As someone who seems to share similar patterns of needing to be out there doing stuff but also time for retreat and the development of a personal mysticism has life as a hermit or a nun ever appealed to you?

    1. Oh yes. Very much.
      I was talking about this with a Buddhist friend, who has given up on social media for similar reasons. We had both experienced health problems which lead to us losing our appetite, needing to withdraw from the world, and other similar symptoms of overwhelm and overload. It got me wondering about religious life, fasting and meditating, as a way of managing that need to withdraw – managing it constructively, in a way that everyday life under capitalism doesn’t really allow.

      If I were Catholic, I would almost certainly have been a nun.

      1. Yeah… to put it out of my head I did a meditation where I visualised waking up in a nunnery and being faced with a cross and bible rather than my altars to my gods and having to follow a set routine. And that’s before having to deal with Christian ‘morality’ and the fact the Christian God and I don’t get on and the damage Christianity has done, hand-in-glove with Empire across the globe. I know in my heart I’m on the right path. I just go through phases of thinking it’s unfortunate it doesn’t fit with the rest of the world!

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